about insole buddy

Hello And Welcome! We are INSOLEBUDDY, a Footwear company that provides Highly effective orthotic solutions to  All foot-related and common foot related issues and  problems. We are making a huge wave in the foot care community with our patent pending Air Encapsulated MicroBead Technology  we or on a mission to help people enjoy their lives again, free of pain and doing the things they love without restriction. At INSOLEBUDDY our mission is to deliver Unique High Quality Foot Products. We are always looking to improve the product market by introducing new and exciting, High Quality items at an affordable price. At INSOLEBUDDY we care about our Customers And  our customers Foot Needs. We Ship world wide! INSOLEBUDDY was created in 2022 .

We have built the INSOLEBUDDY TM Product And believe you will really enjoy using it …. Follow Us on Instagram @theinsolebuddy

INSOLEBUDDY AKA SBT Inc. Is located in Chicago IL. We can be emailed at info@insolebuddy.com