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Insole Buddy Plantar Fasciitis Air Encapsulated Micro Bead Technology

Insole Buddy Plantar Fasciitis Air Encapsulated Micro Bead Technology

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XS 5.5-7.5 4.5-6.5
S 8-9.5 7-8.5
M 10-11.5 9-10.5
L 12-13.5 11-12.5
XL 13.5-15.5 12.5-14.5
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InsoleBuddy ***Plantar Fasciitis** New Technology** Air Encapsulated Micro Bead Technology

Amazing New “Bounce-Back Support”  – With Shock Absorbing MicroBeads.

  • Amazing Breakthrough In Air Encapsulated MicroBead Technology
  • Breakthrough Technology – Gives You the Most SUPERIOR Insole on the Market.
  • SHOCK Absorbing MicroBeads – With Amazing “Bounce-Back Support”.
  • BRAND NEW Air Encapsulated MicroBead Air Technology
  • FOOT PAIN      Pain-free all-day comfort     Pain-free… “even at the end of the day!     IS FOOT PAIN HOLDING YOU BACK?
    • How To Eliminate Foot Pain…
    • InsoleBuddy Is Built to Last with our Tough Construction – which means your insoles won’t lose comfort.
    • Fits Sneakers/walking shoes, crocks, casual shoes, gym shoes & sneakers. Trim to fit. 
  • Air Encapsulated MicroBead Technology Targeted Pain Relief Shock Absorbing MicroBead Technology  For Whole Foot Relief All day Comfort. Pain Relief Heal, Arch, Ball Of Foot
    • Cushions Bounce back Support SHOCK Absorbing MicroBeads Relives The Whole Foot greatly REDUCES MUSCLE FATIGUE: Built to last with our Tough construction Greatly Reduces the impact of shock and fatigue on your feet and  on your legs so  that you can be more effective all day and night. 
    • We Make SUPERIOR Insoles,This is for  ALL-DAY OR  ALL NIGHT COMFORT: Anti Slip Grid , Breathable Mesh Reducing Foot Pain and cushioning  your feet . Enjoy our Whole Foot  Relief zone to massage your feet from all angles keeping your feet happy from all angles and giving you the support you need.
    • Air Encapsulated Micro Bead Air Technology Built to last and give your feet the support they need.
    • RESPONSIVE Air Encapsulated - Whole Foot Targeted  relief zone Reduces discomfort and stress on hard or uneven surfaces and helps support the arch for greater comfort Targeted Foot Support 
    • Fits Sneakers/walking Shoes ,Crocks ,casual shoes ,gym shoes  & sneakers. Trim to fit